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Beate was born in middle of the ‘Cold War’ and grew up in Arnstadt, a little town in East Germany. Surrounded by an intact nature in the ‘Forest of Thuringia’.

Influenced by family, nature, and a communistic state, she could additionally lean on the pillar: culture. Instead of toys, were instruments. Instead of television, were books.
She was and is constantly searching for a healthy environment and a just world. The need to protect this world and to heal, made her chose a medical profession. Never avoiding the big
questions life brings. Due to her empathy she could see the ‘broken’, took it on to bear it, and felt the need to heal, expressed and fought for fairness.
Beate reflected through singing, drawing, storytelling, healing,protecting. Every day. Not just talking!
Nurse, Sergeant in the East German Army, Mother, and always Artist.
In 2002 Beate moved with her husband and children to Ireland. During her working life as a nurse with Oncology patients, Alzheimer patients and in research, she accumulated a knowledge about the deepest of human emotions, heard even
more stories, laughed hearty and cried with the ones she cared for, and experienced manifolds, how enriched people’s life’s are once they take part in artistic activities.
As the natural order, it came in 2016 to her enrolment in the Limerick School of Art and Design, to earn finally her Degree in Fine Art in the discipline Sculpture and Combined Media.



My concern lies with the endangered environment and our constant decreasing biodiversity.

I emphasis the aesthetic and poetic potential of our nature through photography and film making, in the form of narrative photomontages.

Of importance are labour intensive, analogue processes, that are unpredictable in outcome. It is time to take the hands off the steering wheel.



2020 Sculpture & Combined Media, LSAD

Solo Exhibitions 

2015 - Moneygall, Gallery Rivival

2014 - Killaloe Quay Arts Centre

2011 - Nenagh Heritage Centre

2010 - Nenagh Heritage Centre

2009 - Nenagh Heritage Centre

Group Exhibitions 

2020 - 'Physical Impact', Limerick City Gallery of Art

2020 - 'Field Test', Aideen Barry Outdoor Gallery

2020 - Limerick School of Art and Design

2019 - The Sailors' Home, curated by Max Le Cain                  and Vicky Langan

2019 - Limerick, Peakshowf

2019 - Achill Island, Sculpture House Kelly

2018 - Limerick School of Art and Design

2018 - Limerick, King John's Castle

2017 - Achill Island, Sculpture House Kelly

2017 - Limerick School of Art and Design

2016 - Wexford, Library 

2016 - Dublin - RDS- House

2016 - Moneygall, Gallery Revival

2016 - Bray, Arts Centre

2015 - Bray, Arts Centre

2015 - Achill Island, Sculpture House Kelly

2014 - Dublin, Gallery 27

2014 - Bologna

2014 - Vienna, Palais Schonborn

2013 - Foggia

2013 - Barcelona, Casa Batllo

2013 - Harrogate, Workhouse Gallery

2013 - Killaloe, Quay Arts, and Bridge House Studio

2013 - Moneygall, Gallery Revival

2012 - Moneygall, Gallery Revival

2012 - Harrogate, Workhouse Gallery

2012 - Amsterdam, Ode De Kirk

2012 - Killaloe, Quay Arts, and Bridge House Studio

2011 - Killaloe, Quay Arts, and Bridge House Studio

2010 - Killaloe, Quay Arts, and Bridge House Studio

Public/Private Collections

Arts Council Ireland

Sales at Auction

Dublin - White's

Galway and Limerick - Dolan's

Belfast and Dublin - Gormleys

Ilkley, UK - Hartley's

Limerick and Charleville - Irish Cancer Society

Limerick - Simon Community"

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