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Mon Cher Louise

Would you have known a cure at life time,

Would you been able to create?

Choose between the controversies: happiness or path of fate,

And is not suffering inseparable - from a genius growth and bloom?

You turned struggles into strength

Like Philotetes's wounds to bows

You allow us glance your sorrows,

Darkness, doubts, and pain and grief.

But all we see is: light and fight and cherish beauty, shine and poesy.

Hope--- is, what you teach us, courage,

That there is no pill to cure

And no medicine erases misery

Nor anguish pure.

Even if emotional raw,

Fearless concurring the trauma,

Encourage us to communicate in art:

Writing, music, dancing, sculpture, print, photography

Turn affliction, when unbearable -straight into a mastery.

You are the beacon-

Piercing for us through the fog.

-lending your guidance, shiny aura,

Wrap around your spirits cloak



So beautiful that time stands stil —

The moment of joy, imprinted forever on the bark of one’s mind.

To vanish and fade, the perfume suffocating words;  to travel to describe.

Who can see, beyond?,—hoping future,’ judgement will be kind

And remembers, that you inspired- thought defines- ---us

Vulnerable, and shy express ---

Your thorns suggesting more than death.

Your secret is safe!!!


A private matter, not of vanity its birth

A constant reminder, eternal symbol 

Accused of chasing after praise

Suffering, compassion,

Divine or all secular!

For some you are a treasure, romantic notion, only

Used, abused and broke for war’s.

Truth and knowledge- only seen by dreamers, 

Whispered to the wind.

solarize stones.jpg


Since the beginning of Earth, 

Those mighty animals and textured hunks

Left all the interpretation 

Up to the viewers imagination!


Unusual, weathered peaks in our landscape,


Ages scholar’s, earned their degree

Minerals, electrolytes

What difference does it make?


Still, each treasure—

knows their song to sing 

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