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Biodiversity (Biological diversity)

Biodiversity literally means the whole variety of life on Earth, from our back garden, to the rain forest and the desert, from the birds and the bees. The ecological diversity = diversity of communities, not only in organisms but also the physical environment in which they live. The species diversity = is the taxonomic diversity, the number and abundance of species within a particular location. The genetic diversity = refers to the diversity within species that are distinguished from genetic variability to allow to adapt to different environments.

In 2019 the first National Biodiversity Conference was held in Dublin and resulted in a series of 40 actions to address the biodiversity crisis facing Ireland. Among the actions committed to by the Department of Agriculture was to increase uptake of Native Woodland's. Signer's were the Government, State agencies, environmental organisations, private sector and community groups. The world is rightly tackling at the moment this global health emergency crisis in it's united fight against the virus, but after this most difficult time is behind us, we need ambitiously renew our fight against the climate and nature crisis. We all can help to make the world a better place for the next generations.

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