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Rachel Carson

My research today is around the American Marine Biologist, author of may books and the catalyst of the Environmental Protection Agencies worldwide. lived 27.5.1907 - 14.4.1964.

In her book" Silent Spring" she reported her observations about the reducing amount of birds, due to pesticides. She spoke the inconvenient truth to power and challenged the government to act and to be held accountable.

R.C. "We have to face reality instead of taking refuge in ignorance and evasion of truth. Herein lie our hope and destiny." She inspired artists like Joni Mitchell to write lyrics as: " Hey farmer, farmer- put away your DDT, give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bee's, please!" Carson had to withstand propaganda campaigns against her to discredit her, and litigious bullying her publisher and the most frequent accusation of all: that of being a woman, a spinster with no children, who should have no interest in genetics, they called her communist, as to create a fear of the unknown. R.C.: "Wonder and humility are wholesome emotions and they do not exist side by side with a lust for destruction." After her book "Silent Spring " was published, John F. Kenndy and his science Advisory committee created the first federal policies, designed to protect the planet. LikeComment Share

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